The Association of Professional Landscapers Awards 2007

Frogheath Landscapes
Award Winner – Commended
Best Garden Construction in the UK 2007
awarded by
the Association of Professional Landscapers

This garden was built to a design by Gillian Temple (a member of the Society of Garden Designers) It used harmonious materials that matched the house and the surrounding landscape.

Their was an unexpected challenge when an old well was discovered and in accordance with the clients wishes we re-built this in Sussex sandstone. Purists might argue that it affected the overall design but in the current climate of water restrictions it may prove to have been a very wise move. The planting plans were really the clients with guidance from Frogheath on final numbers and selection.

It is always rewarding to be able to work closely with clients and know that they feel it is their garden and yet still consider the entire project to have been well executed.