Frogheath Landscapes win 2 GOLDs and a SILVER at the APL Awards 2018

MAYFIELD –  GOLD in the £60 – £100k category 

The project was to renovate and re-make areas of the garden of an Arts and Crafts house in Mayfield.  The works included removing most of the original planting, reshaping the borders, replacing the soil to remove the ground elder and replanting in a more contemporary style.

Judges’ Comments:  ‘Nicely done with good finishes’



ENGLISH WOODLANDS CARPARK –  GOLD in the Commercial Gardens category 

The car park looked very tired, old fashioned and unloved. Visitors found it confusing when arriving and trying to park as it was not obvious how you accessed the nursery itself, you could not see into the nursery from the car park and visitors were not encouraged to try and find the way in. We used plants sold by English Woodlands in the car park to help give customers inspiration for their own gardens, which had not been done before.

Judges Comments:  ‘A solid piece of work utilising the opportunity presented by the client in their plant offering’.



HYDRO HOTEL – SILVER in the Commercial Category 

We were asked to design and build an outdoor wedding venue for a traditional hotel in Eastbourne.

The space and the budget were both restricted, access was difficult, and we had to guarantee that the gazebo was built at the optimum height and position to make the most of the spectacular backdrop for wedding photographs without upsetting the local planning authorities, neighbours or regular hotel guests. The schedule was also extremely tight – the project was finished 12 hours before the first wedding.

Judges’ Comments:  ‘A delivery that the client was very happy with to a tight budget and schedule showing flexibility by the landscaper to produce’.