Frogheath Landscapes shortlisted at the APL Awards 2019


CLIENT: A retired client requiring an easy maintenance garden and attractive entertaining space.

THE EXISTING SITE: An irregular shaped garden with a lovely brick wall on one boundary and a tall hedge along another. The existing paved area outside the house was looking quite dated and the existing steps were too steep.

THE DESIGN BRIEF: Completely remove the existing paving, steps and planting. No lawn was required. Raised brick and rendered beds to make maintenance easier. Redesign the steps down to the garden to make access easier. Create a small area for dining/entertaining.

STYLE: Colours were very important – all the planting had pale pink, cream or white flowers. Pale grey granite was used for the paving and a resin gravel surface provided an easily cleaned surface.


CLIENT: A very keen gardener who enjoyed propagating plants.

THE EXISTING SITE: A new build house on an old commercial site. The ground was very compacted and the soil was poor. The garden had lovely views out towards fields and countryside but needed screening from the neighbouring houses.

THE DESIGN BRIEF: No lawn but lots of space for planting. Raised beds to allow fresh top soil to be imported and to provide places to sit in the garden and enjoy the plants. Keep the view to the countryside open but provide some privacy from neighbouring houses with small trees and a pergola.

STYLE: Colourful, lushly planted country garden. We used a gravel surface with small areas of brick paving to create a functional, attractive backdrop to the planting beds.


CLIENT:  A  client, recently moved to Lewes from London. They work mainly from home so wants to make the most of their outside space. They also entertain at the weekends and needs a large, sociable space for a table and chairs.  The house is decorated inside mainly in black and red colours.

THE EXISTING SITE:  The existing garden is steeply sloping down away from the house and is covered in tall weeds and brambles.  The view from the house over the surrounding countryside is lovely but the garden is surrounded by tall fences and hedges.

THE DESIGN BRIEF:  Create easily accessible space outside the back of the house for seats and a table. The client is replacing part of the back wall with big windows and would like the garden to flow out from the house. Create interesting and practical routes down the slope to the bottom of the garden. The client will eventually build a shed/office in the garden and a greenhouse. Create screening from the neighbours. Privacy is very important.

STYLE:  The client does not like typical ‘country garden’ styles of planting or ‘pretty’ colours. They would like black and red plants. They likes urban, industrial structures (see Mood Board of areas of London). Black metal stairs, charred or black wood, London bricks.