RHS Chelsea Flower Show Siver Medal Winner 2018

‘The Warner Edwards Garden’
Designed by:
Tamara Bridge and Kate Saville
The Warner Edwards Distillery
Built by:
Frogheath Landscapes

The Warner Edwards garden was inspired by the terraced gardens of the Warner Edwards Gin Distillery, and the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside that surrounds it.

A bee-friendly garden rich in plants used to flavour artisan gins, inspired from the botanical gardens and hedgerows. The use of natural materials created an authentic space, and the “natural spring” water feature offered a sense of serenity and relaxation.

The use of natural materials, including stone, water and copper create an authentic space, and bee-friendly plants and a bee bole set into old stone walling reflect the farm’s apiary. Other planting includes thyme variations and lemon balm, which are highly aromatic and flavoursome and can be used in garnishing gin. The ‘natural spring’ water feature is highly adaptable to any outdoor space and offers a sense of serenity and relaxation.

Inspired by the terraced gardens of the Warner Edwards Distillery and the beauty of the surrounding Northamptonshire landscape, this garden aims to capture the natural and unconventional spirit of the English countryside.

The choice of planting is inspired by the distillery’s botanical gardens and hedgerows, and showcases many of the natural flavours used in the creation of its gins.