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Accessible Gardens

This year, Frogheath Landscapes won another APL Award for building an accessible garden for a customer. We also recently improved the access of an existing garden for another wheelchair using customer. This blog explains some of the elements involved and the benefit it brings to the homeowner.

accessible path

Accessible Garden Build

When building the new garden with accessibility in mind, surface was a big consideration. The existing land was steep so a lot of levelling had to be done. Our client’s electric wheelchair required a smooth surface, so we opted for resin bound gravel along the pathways. Curved walls around the raised beds prevented the wheel chair from getting stuck in corners. Our client is a keen gardener so the raised beds were build to a height they could access from the wheelchair.

Aside from accessibility considerations, the customer also wanted a seating area on which to dine outside with family, a pond for the relaxing noise the water made and tropical looking plants to reflect their african roots.

accessible height raised beds

Improving Accessibility To An Existing Garden

We were recently approached by a client with MS, whose mobility has sadly decreased leaving them wheelchair bound or relying on a walking stick much of the time. This customer loved being in their established garden, which they had no desire to change. In this instance we simply created a series of pathways around the lawn, through the mature shrubs and trees to the rear of the garden. The path wound back on itself to the rear of the property, where we levelled right up to the patio doors.

Losing one’s mobility can affect mental as well as physical health. Having a garden which can be accessed more easily has given our customer the confidence they need to continue to enjoy the sounds, smells and sights of the garden they have loved for years.

accessible path

If you are looking to renovate your garden to make it work for your and your changing needs, whether that be to improve access or accommodate a growing family, please contact us to book in a free home visit to discuss with our director Steve in more detail.

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