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A professionally designed garden can often be implemented in stages as your budget allows but still ensuring that the end result is uniform and well-conceived .

During the initial consultation with one of our designers we will discuss in detail your requirements for your garden.

This will include how you want to use your outdoor space,  whether you have children or pets, if your garden is an entertaining space, an outdoor kitchen or if it includes an office space Рthe style you prefer, materials, colours and plants.

A professional designer can take all this information and create a space that flows around your house and takes into account problems such as slopes, poor ground, being over looked by neighbours, lack of privacy and of course budget.

Step 1

Initial Enquires

Step 2

Site Visit

Step 3

Follow up meeting

Meet with a designer to discuss project in detail and produce the design brief. This can take place at your home or at Frogheath design studio.

Step 4

Agree fees for garden and if required planting design

Step 5

Approval of final landscape and planting design

Step 6

Estimate for construction costs are prepared and discussed with client

Step 7

Start date agreed

Step 8

Start construction

Step 9

Planting, design and soft landscaping

This element of the design is usually finalised when the construction is underway. At this stage we will have a lot more information about the ground conditions in the garden which allows us to make the correct plant choices.

Step 10

Relax and enjoy

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