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Small garden lawn build

Case Study: Small Garden Lawn Build

Frogheath Landscapes were recently asked to build a small garden lawn. We were contacted by a family in Eastbourne whose small garden was not fulfilling its purpose: providing space for the children to play and for the family to relax outside. They wanted to create a well-draining lawn with good quality turf where the children could play, which wouldn’t flood in winter or become bare in summer. Our last blog was all about drainage so implementing drainage improvements to this townhouse garden is a fitting follow on.

Small Garden Drainage Needs

Our director, Steve Moody, visited the family home to provide an estimate. Here he explained the importance of adjusting the levels of the lawn to assist the free drainage. Because small gardens in urban areas often have nowhere for excess water to drain, he also suggested a softwood edge to the new lawn to create room for a layer of gritty, free draining soil for the turf to grow into. This ensures longevity of the turf as well as providing somewhere for the water to go.  

levelling the small garden lawn

Building The New Lawn

Upon agreement of works, we sent two of our experienced landscapers and estimated the project would take four days. The duo set to work first on levelling the garden to enhance the drainage beneath the gritty soil which was to be laid down.

Building the new lawn started with the edging using the softwood sleepers. Nine tons of the gritty topsoil spread into the area before finally adding quality, hard wearing turf.

Finishing Touches To The Garden

Lastly, bark chips were laid to a designated area to the side of the lawn, which is home to the family trampoline. On the far edge of the lawn, a full-length flower bed has also been made, so the family can start their own planting.

trampoline area next to new lawn

Small Garden Project Completed

The two landscapers had good weather on their side. Coupled with their hard-working ethos the project was completed in three days, not four. If you too have a small garden which would benefit from a new lawn and some simple but effective landscaping features so that you can better enjoy your outside space, please get in touch. A project like this ranges between £10,000 – £15,000 depending on materials used and elements desired.    

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