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Our success started in 2014 when we were awarded Gold for “The Potters Garden”

Inspired by the World War I centenary and the restoration of Farnham pottery in Wrecclesham, the design encapsulated the true story of a garden abandoned by its potters when they enlisted to fight in the WWI. The garden remembers a lost agrarian society and celebrates the lives and skills of those who lived and worked in the abandoned potter’s garden prior to the war.

The garden featured sculptures pottered at Farnham pottery, and a water feature structured amongst a habitat wall, native hedging and wild meadow. The planting and flowers used were all native to the UK and would have been seen in post war gardens across the country.

2015 Gold award winner for “The Trugmakers Garden”

Gold Award Wining Garden

The Trugmaker’s Garden celebrated the traditional skills of the Sussex Trugmakers who make the iconic willow and sweet chestnut garden trugs that are still used in the region today.

2017 Silver Gilt winner – “Hagakure”

Award Winning Garden

The Hagakure garden was designed to create a sacred and peaceful space away from the noise and stress of daily life, where friends and family can spend time together.

2018 Silver medal winner for the “Warner Edwards Garden”

Chelsea Garden Entry

The Warner Edwards garden was inspired by the terraced gardens of the Warner Edwards Gin Distillery – the bee friendly garden is rich in plants used to flavour artisan gins, inspired by botanical gardens and hedgerows.

2019 People’s Choice winner and medal – “Donkeys Matter”

Chelsea Garden

This beautiful garden acted as a focal point to celebrate The Donkey Sanctuary’s 50th anniversary to showcase its international work. The garden used water as its central theme, demonstrating how owning a donkey means access to clean and fresh water for some of the poorest and most vulnerable communities in the world.

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