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Specimen trees on landscaped lawn

Trees planted singularly as a focus of attention are considered a specimen tree. When planning where to plant a specimen tree, lots of aspects need to be considered including its size, species, flower, bark, form, or rarity. It could simply be a common but well-placed tree with beautiful branching. Or perhaps it’s a tree that’s unexpected, either way it’s a statement!

Hedging when incorporated into a garden design can soften borders, enclose spaces and add privacy. An existing tree can become the focal point of any garden with the design incorporated around it..  When planning a hedge or specimen tree design, our designers will consider soil type, time of year and maintenance.

Planting trees too deep and not considering the soil conditions and drainage are mistakes that are commonly made. We have a lot of experience of planting hedges and trees in the best way to ensure they thrive.

Specimen Trees On Landscaped Lawn
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